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TUNA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation (EIN 74-2479192) dedicated to the promotion of cross-country skiing and ski racing.  TUNA was initially formed in 1988 as a grass roots Nordic ski organization.   TUNA members represent all forms of cross country skiing including recreational skiers, junior skiers, backcountry skiers, citizen racers, and regionally, nationally and internationally recognized elite racers.

What is TUNA?

  • Watching one hundred kids playing tag and follow the leader on a snowy Learn to Ski Sunday at Mountain Dell.
  • The heart-pounding, one-of-a-kind joy that comes from entering the final 50 meters of a Wasatch Citizens Series race right next to your friend, training partner and, for the next 8 seconds, your biggest nemesis.
  • A quiet, star-filled evening standing outside the yurt, beyond the reach of cell coverage, internet access, the sound of cars or the lights of town.
  • Sharing conversation with old friends and meeting new ones after a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at West Yellowstone with 200 of your ski buddies.
  • Heading out to Mountain Dell on a sunny, sparkling New Year's Day and finding all of your friends are there too, hanging out, skiing just one more lap, no one eager to go home.

Why Should You Donate to TUNA?

  • These things are made possible by TUNA volunteers who work incredibly hard to create a vibrant, unique community of folks who love to play outside. We are folks who see skiing as an activity for their 3-year-olds and their grandparents, and everyone in between. Our community welcomes anyone who wants to move through the snow under their own power, skate or classic, tracked or not, no matter the pace.
  • TUNA is a volunteer run non-profit that prepares and operates the ski track at Mountain Dell golf course in Parley’s Canyon and provides ski trail grooming in East Canyon.
  • TUNA uses nearly all of its non-ski track income to provide Junior Programs to children from ages 4-18 in programs ranging from Learn-to-Ski to Competition.
  • TUNA operates the Wasatch Citizen’s Series cross country ski races
  • TUNA supports the interests, efforts and concerns of non-motorized winter recreation throughout Utah.
  • Recreation team uniforms, junior rental gear, the Competitive Junior Ski Team, snow grooming equipment and many other services are provided through program fees, membership dues and track fees.
  • As costs have risen, we are soliciting donations to help keep our programs the most affordable in the region.

Donations to The Utah Nordic Alliance directly affect our ability to provide skiing services, facilities and opportunities for our community.  Your donation may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Please consult your tax advisor.


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Individual Donation Support Levels

Donation Level
$5-$25 Friend of TUNA
$25-$99 Bronze Level
$100-$399 Silver Level
$400-$549 Gold Level
$550-$999 World Champion
$1,000+ Nordic Legend

Other Sponsorship Opportunities are available. Please contact sponsorships [at] utahnordic [dot] com for details.


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