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Thanks to our generous members and community partners, the TUNA Future Fund raised the funds for our spanking new TUNA van (which we have already purchased and which should be fully decked out very soon). Thank you very much! If you have not yet given to the campaign, not to worry ... our capital campaign is now ambitiously pivoting to snowmaking.

More specifically, TUNA is committed to working with Salt Lake City to find the most efficient and effective way to introduce limited snowmaking to the Mountain Dell Recreation Area. We have partnered with Salt Lake City for more than thirty years, and we are excited to further enhance the public’s winter recreation opportunities through this relationship. Our goal is to raise enough funding so that we can create and distribute sufficient snow over some of the known thin spots on the Mountain Dell ski track, which will extend the length of the season and improve the quality and safety of cross-country skiing. The effort will involve hiring temporary snowmakers and purchasing snow-moving equipment for Mountain Dell.

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Donation Levels and Bonus Gifts

Donation Level
$50 Custom-made, local potter--crafted TUNA coffee mug (Ok, the mug is none of these, but hey, this is the lowest level!)
$100 #hugagroomer T-shirt (because really, it's something we should all do more often)
$150 TUNA Toko ski hat
$500 TUNA bike jersey
$1,000 TUNA race suit (top and bottom . . . the awesome ones that make you green with envy when you see them on winter Saturday mornings) AND a Mountain Dell pass for next season
$2,000 A personalized training plan from TUNA Head Coach Steve Cook AND the TUNA race suit AND the Mountain Dell Pass
$5,000 Sponsor a trail at Mountain Dell for 5 years.  Please contact the club if you or your company is interested.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities are available. Please contact sponsorships [at] utahnordic [dot] com for details.


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