TUNA Yurt 2018 Fall Work Trip

The annual TUNA Yurt work trip will take place on Sunday, October 14.  Details are below.

❖ Participants in the work trip get priority selection for the season’s reservations as well as a discount on rental fees.
❖ A yurt orientation session will be held during the work trip (a requirement for first timers).
❖ Extra karma points for anyone who can bring a truck to haul wood, chainsaws, or splitting axes.
❖ Lots of fun, good exercise, and a chance to spend some more time in the Uintas!
❖ Lots of good info below-- don’t stop reading!

Email yurt [at] utahnordic [dot] com with any questions or for more information.  Also, please let us know at this email address if you are planning on attending (we won’t hold you to it), so we have a general idea of how many people to expect.  We hope to see you there. 

Participants on the work trip are required to be TUNA members.  Note that memberships run Fall – Summer, so if you have no joined/renewed in the past few weeks, you are not currently a member.  You can join/renew on the TUNA website.  Please do not come out to the work trip if you do not have a current membership.  We appreciate everyone’s help – member or not – but this is a requirement.

What we will be doing/What to bring.  We will be cutting firewood and cleaning the yurt.  Please bring work gloves and a lunch.  If anyone has a chainsaw, good wood splitting tools, or a shovel, please bring those (and let us know you will be bringing them).  Also, if a person or two has a 4wd truck that we can use to haul logs in, please bring that.

Dogs and Kids.  Dogs are welcome.  Kids too.  Really.  BUT, we will be swinging sledge hammers and using chain saws and tossing wood around.  So, if you have young kids, bring them, but please keep an eye on them.  We always have kids and have never had a problem.  Let’s keep it that way. 

Logistics.  We will drive at least one truck all the way into the yurt, and can carry tools and a maybe a few people.  It is an easy hike into the yurt from the Mirror Lake Road, but also the Norway Flats road has been graded and you can get a higher clearance car to within about a half mile from the yurt (Subaru Outbacks are probably good, but you should probably park the Ferrari at the Mirror Lake Road turnoff). 

We will meet at the intersection of the Mirror Lake Highway and the Norway Flats Road at about 8:30 am and plan to head up to the yurt by 9 am.  There is a good amount of work to be completed this year so plan on making a day of it if you can. 

Early reservations policy:  Work trip participants will have the opportunity to make early reservations to use the yurt this winter.  All participants will be entered in a lottery to determine order of date selection.  Everyone on the trip will get one name in the hat and we will draw them out and assign reservations based on the result.  Often we have a couple or a family come out, and that group only needs one reservation.  If you do that, you will still get an entry into the lottery for each person that comes out, so bring those teenagers and increase your odds.

Thanks everyone for your support of the TUNA Yurt.  Let it snow!

Sunday, October 14, 2018 (All day)