Help and FAQ

I can't login
You must be logged into the TUNA site to register for programs and renew your membership. If you can't remember your password, click 'Request new password' link on the home page. You'll be emailed a link that allows you to login to the TUNA site. If you think you're entering the right username and password, but don't seem to be logged in (and you don't see any error messages), try clearing cookies in your browser that have the name ''. Email help [at] utahnordic [dot] com if you have trouble.

Where can I find race results?
Race results are attached directly to races that appear in the calendar (after the race, of course). You can find race results by accessing the race event that appears in the calendar; the results will appear as a downloadable file in the Race info box. You can also find a list of race results clicking Race Results under the Racing menu item in the main menu bar at top. Races are listed in reverse chronological order in a table that contains a Race Results column.

Where can I buy a Mt. Dell Pass?
See Mountain Dell Ski Pass in the TUNA Online store.

Where can I find the last groomer reports and skiing conditions?
There are three ways you can access reports on the latest ski conditions:

  1. On the home page, in the upper right area, there is a section called "Latest Ski Conditions". You will see the last 3 posted "snow reports" listed here. These reports are filed by both groomers and members.
  2. You can find the reports for particular ski location by going to that location (see Skiing > Where to ski) and clicking the "Snow reports" tab visible on that page. This will give you a list of the snow reports for that particular ski location.
  3. You can see all snow reports by navigating to Skiing > Latest Conditions in the main menu bar.

You can post a report of current conditions, too, by clicking the "Add a report" link at the bottom of the list. You will fill out a simple form that asks you for a date and time, and the name of the ski location.

How do I reset my password?
If you can't remember your password, click the Request New Password link. This will cause the site to send you an email with instructions on how to login and reset your password.

What's my user name? Can I change it?
If you had a login to the original TUNA site, you should have a login to the new site. Your username is equal to your first name + first letter of your last name (all lower case, no spaces, e.g Bill Gates would be 'billg'). Your password and email address are unchanged. You can change your username at any time by logging in and clicking the My account link in the navigation memu on the left, under your name (your name will only appear when you are logged in).

Why can't I enter a snow report?
You must be logged in beore you can create a snow report, otherwise you will get an access denied error.

Who can I ask for more help?
If you need help or have specific questions, please contact us at one of the following email addresses:

help [at] utahnordic [dot] com           -- general questions and support
membership [at] utahnordic [dot] com     -- questions about membership
website [at] utahnordic [dot] com        -- email the website
programs [at] utahnordic [dot] com       -- questions about TUNA programs
classifieds [at] utahnordic [dot] com    -- questions about classifieds
events [at] utahnordic [dot] com         -- questions about the event calendar
store [at] utahnordic [dot] com          -- questions about the TUNA online store
yurt [at] utahnordic [dot] com           -- questions about the TUNA yurt
tuna_news [at] utahnordic [dot] com      -- questions about the TUNA News printed newsletter

What's TUNA's mailing address?
TUNA, P.O. Box 9008, Salt Lake City, UT, 84109