TUNA Junior Ski Team Begins Training in Preparation for the Upcoming 2010 -11 Ski Season

Mon, 09/20/2010 - 11:06am -- skiingxc
TUNA Salt Lake Nordic Ski Team fall dryland training is underway! Our kids are having a fun time challenging each other and working together toward achieving technique, fitness, and performance goals. New junior team members are welcome to join the program at any time throughout the year. We do this in the summer and fall: http://blogs.fasterskier.com/slnst/2010/09/20/summer-training-hot/ …Then we do this in the winter: http://blogs.fasterskier.com/slnst/2010/02/16/jnq-bogus-basin-classic-vi... http://blogs.fasterskier.com/slnst/2010/02/15/jnq-bogus-basin-skate-videos/ Young people ages 8 – 19 interested in trying our sport should contact TUNA for information on our fall and winter junior competition and development ski programs.