Thank You To the Entire WCS Crew!!

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 10:23pm -- DonEggert

A huge thanks to Dave Hanscom and the other 32 volunteers who made the Wasatch Citizen Series a great success for the 2016/17 season.  Nobody gets paid, but these folks spend an enormous amount of their time to make a fantastic race experience.  Thank you for your hard work and another great season!

Brent Alm
Brian Alm
Carol Baron-Sebesta
Mary Ann Battle
LeeAnn Colgan
Charlie Coltrain
Cassie Dippo
Carolyn Doll
Drew Doll
Mari Dougherty
Kathy Dudley

Kurt Dudley
Gary Fladmoe
Richard Hodges
Bob Irvine
Wendy Matis
Sara McCormick
Susan McDonald
Ann Page
Ernie Page
Karen Reid
David Sebesta

Abbie Spencer
Bill Stenquist
Tom Stephens
Mauritia Stephens
David Stice
Eric Swanson
Becky Tietze
Chris Tietze
Donna Wahoff-Stice
Kristi Weight