Please support TUNA's ongoing capital campaign

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 11:32am -- DonEggert

TUNA’s current financial structure, while supporting current programs, does not provide for the financial security, growth, and improvements the club would like to see. To ensure the long-term financial viability of TUNA and to support the mission of growing and supporting Nordic skiing, the club needs to generate
significant outside funding.

Please click here to donate and to learn more about the sweet bonus gifts -- from TUNA coffee mugs to #hugagroomer t-shirts to bike jerseys to personalized training plans -- we're giving away with donations. Everyone who donates to the TUNA Future Fund is also automatically enrolled in a raffle to receive a Word Cup race bib from last year's races in Östersund, Sweden, signed by U.S. Ski Team Members Jessie Diggins, Noah Hoffman, Sophie Caldwell, and Simi Hamilton!

The club plans to use new funds to:

  • Explore an alternative venue for skiing at a higher elevation than Mountain Dell
  • Purchase a second van to transport junior skiers to practices and competitions
  • Support additional programs serving underprivileged youth and adaptive skiers
  • Invest in the best coaching available while keeping program costs down

TUNA is reaching out to individual and corporate donors to put Utah’s most inclusive club on the national map as a premiere community ski program. Please donate to TUNA’s future, today.