HUGE Thanks To All the Mtn Dell Groomers!!

Wed, 04/04/2018 - 9:34am -- DonEggert

An enormous thanks to all 32 volunteer groomers who worked so hard all season to make Mtn Dell and SR65 such amazing places to ski. A tremendous amount of time and effort went into shoveling and nurturing the track between storms when things got thin. Thanks to the TUNA grooming crew for a fabulous season in the face of extremely limited snow!

Cullen Battle
Leigh Beem
Jason Bleyl
Jon Christensen
Gary Colgan
Michael Dalebout
Al Davis
Kurt Dudley
Nils Eddy
Barbara Gardner
Sky Grahn

Todd Hopkins
Roch Horton
Steve Johnston
Jim Kearns
Mark Keeney
Matt Kirksey
John Kortbawi
Bill Lockhart
Chris Magerl
Cary Martin
Mike Masquelier

Joe Purnhagen
Marko Pala
Jerry Richardson
Ron Sawdey
Brian Seethaler
Paul Smith
David Stice
Steve Swanson
Bill Wallner
John Woeste


Buff Mtn Dell Track