World Cup Loop open

Thu, 01/03/2019 - 7:56pm -- chris

The World Cup Loop at Mountain Dell, last used in 1989, is open for skiers. This loop is absolutely for experts only. It is the hardest climb at Mountain Dell, and by a long shot it is the fastest, tightest, twistiest descent at Mountain Dell. Unless you are very confident in your descending ability, please do not start on the World Cup Loop.

This loop is directional. There are four Do Not Enter signs at the exit, and two caution signs at the entry. Foolish to ever head into this descent on classic skis. Don't do it.

The World Cup Loop is accessed from the Creek Loop. Because the World Cup exit is so fast and steep, the Creek Loop is now one way. We will only ski the Creek Loop in a clockwise manner. There are two new Do Not Enter signs at the start of the Creek Loop. 

Coverage on World Cup is thin, and likely always will be. This is not manicured golf course. And every skier will snowplow the descent, scraping off much snow. If you ski the World Cup Loop, expect to hit brush and perhaps rock.

If this loop is roped off, please honor this closure.