Don't bother the moose!

Fri, 01/11/2019 - 8:02am -- chris

A moose cow and calf are moving around Mountain Dell quite a bit right now. If you see them, go the other way. Do not stress the moose! Do not endanger yourself or others. Read on for moose safety information.

Moose tend to be particularly aggressive in the winter, when they are hungry, tired from walking through deep snow, and harassed by people. Moose laying down are trying to rest, and will become stressed if people repeatedly approach. When moose are laying in the infield of the Lollipop Loop, please refrain from doing laps there.

Parents, be sure to teach your young skiers about moose safety. Coaches, lead by example. Several times in winters past at Mountain Dell, too many kids have been far too close to bulls, cows and calves.

If a moose moves toward you, move away. It can charge quickly. Many moose charges are bluffs, warning you to get back. Take them seriously. Unlike bears or mountain lions, it is OK to run away from moose. If a moose does charge, you will lose the race. Moose can hit speeds of 35 mph.

Moose kick and stomp their attackers until the moose thinks the attacker is dead. If you are attacked, curl up, cover your head, and do not move until the moose has moved a long way away. If you encounter a moose on the track or near the edge of the track, turn and go the other way.

If a moose does charge you, try to keep a large tree between you and the moose. With your skis off, you should be able to run around the base of the tree faster than the moose.

Remember, moose are wild animals trying to survive through the harsh winter with limited food sources. Stay aware of your surroundings, err on the side of caution, and don't disturb the moose.