Bob Woody Memorial on May 16

Tue, 04/27/2010 - 6:35pm -- chris
Bob Woody, left, a longtime member of the Utah nordic community, died Wednesday, April 23, 2010. He was 84. The photo above, taken by Kurt Dudley at Sundance in January 2004, shows Bob with his longtime friend and competitor Lars Olafson at one of his last Wasatch Citizens Series events. Bob was on the TUNA Board in the early 90's. He wrote many articles for TUNA News over the years, some about his Tenth Mountain Division experiences. He loved to help with yurt put-up and take-down activities. Bob was a regular at Wasatch Citizen Series races through the winter of 2004. He was an inspiration to so many of us, an example of a person who loved to be on skis and was always eager for the chance to line up for one more race. We were all very disappointed when his hips, knees, and ankles began to wear out, and he was no longer able to participate. He always expressed his appreciation for the volunteer efforts of those who contributed to TUNA and the Wasatch Citizens Series. Bob's friends are invited to share memories and enjoy light refreshments on Sunday, May 16, starting at 2:00 pm, in the Tanner Atrium of the Juett Center for the Performing Arts at Westminster College. Access to the Center is from 1700 South, at about 1250 East, with parking on both sides of the building. Here is a link to a Salt Lake Tribune obit written by Paul Rolly. Bob was a Tribune staffer for 33 years.
Bob and Lars Olafson