TUNA Programs

This program is for young skiers age 4-8 years old and takes place on four Sundays in January. The program meets at Mountain Dell Golf Course in Parleys Canyon. Sessions are scheduled from 1:00-2:30 p.m. with the exception of the first session when parents and children are asked to arrive by 12:30 p.m. so they can find their class and meet their instructors. Each session consists of ski games and activities (relay races, treasure hunts, obstacle courses) that introduce children to skiing and basic ski techniques, with an emphasis on FUN and lots of parent participation.

This program is for for kids 6-13 years old, beginner to advanced skiers. The emphasis is on fun, learning ski skills, and developing a life long interest in x-c skiing. Advanced and older skiers should consider the XC Team.

The Junior Competition Ski Team is part of The Utah Nordic Alliance's racing program and is open to all kids ages 8-14. It is for those skiers with an interest in developing their skiing skills through formal ski training and games that emphasize the fundamentals of balance, technique, strength, and endurance

Cross Country Mountain biking, Cross Country Running...why not Cross Country Skiing?  The XC-Team is designed to provide an outdoor, fun, and fast paced cross training option.  It is for recreational skiers from ages 13 to 18 with a broad range of skiing experience.  Should the athlete wish to try Nordic ski racing, support is provided at all Wasatch Citizen Series races. The XC-Team meets at Mountain Dell Golf Course on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  While there is a one day a week option, to really learn and enjoy cross country skiing, two days a week is ideal.

The Competition Ski Team is part of The Utah Nordic Alliance's racing program and is open to all kids from 14 to 19 who are interested in a higher level of training, technique development, and participation in local and regional races.

ADULT SESSIONS. TUNA offers adult clinics on Tuesday afternoons for parents of Junior Program skiers and other interested adults. We anticipate beginner and intermediate groups. Sessions will be held at Mountain Dell from 4:30 to 5:30, beginning January 7 and continuing through February 25.

Goal: To form training groups for master-level skiers that either want to improve their racing results and/or for established skiers that just want to improve their skiing in general!

Having a training group will not only motivate everyone to train effectively, but more importantly, it will help to create a social network of skiers that are working to achieve common goals for the season: one of which is to HAVE FUN ski training!

The training sessions will focus on the following: Improving fitness, technique, transition work, waxing, race strategy, etc. Each session will include a warm-up, a technique goal, ski specific strength drills, or interval session  followed by a specific technique and/or speed drill and warm-down.

TUNA Head Coach Steve Cook will lead a 12:00pm session at Mtn Dell Wednesdays from January 8th through February 26th.  You should be an intermediate and above skate skier.  We will work on technique in the early sessions and move to endurance and skiing fast for the later sessions.  If you have questions about this program please contact TUNA's coaching staff at tunacoach [at] utahnordic [dot] com.  

TUNA offers coached classic ski sessions on Thursday afternoons for parents of Junior Program skiers and other interested adults.  These sessions support the abilities and confidence of new and/or recreational adults who want to become more proficient.  The program will also have a social element to develop a community that engages in a healthy activity together.