Daniels Summit

A 25 mile loop on Forest Service land groomed by Daniels Summit Lodge for snowmobiles. Trailhead located about 17.5 miles southeast of Heber City on US-40. Open to skiers at no charge (but it would be nice if everyone stopped at the store to make a purchase and thank them). Starts with a 2-mile climb, then about 8 miles of very gradual uphill, with a bit steeper section just before topping out at Strawberry Ridge. Amazing view of the back side of the Wasatch Mountains. Loop continues south along the ridge to Clyde Creek, where it descends to a location near the Strawberry Visitor Center. The final 5 miles parallels US-40 back to Daniels Summit Lodge.
Grooming schedule: 
At least every Fri and Sat nights.
Track length: 
25 mile loop
Report Name Date
Daniels Summit still grooming entire loop daveh Feb 11, 2015
25 miles of perfect corduroy daveh Feb 6, 2012