Guardsman Pass

Guardsman Pass is at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon and not groomed on a regular schedule. 2.4 miles to the top of the pass, climbing 800ft, then dropping 800ft over 1.7 miles down the east side of the pass to the gate. Great high elevation skiing. From Wasatch Nordic: Guardsman will be difficult to groom once the winter starts in earnest, so we are treating it as a pre-season location. Once low elevation snow comes in, we will cease grooming up there.
Grooming schedule: 
No regular schedule
Report Name Date
Tom's Hill patrickm Nov 21, 2013
Guardsman Pass is groomed for skating Wasatch Nordic Jan 12, 2012
Guardsman Pass Derek Weiss Dec 27, 2011
Guardsman Pass-Fun "adventure" skating up Guardsman Pass. Snowmo... Derek Weiss Nov 24, 2011
Guardsman Pass Derek Weiss Nov 23, 2011