Jeremy Ranch Nordic Center

The Jeremy Golf and Country Club sets track on its course during the winter.  Discounts for TUNA members. Located at the Jeremy Ranch exit of I-80 just west of Park City/Kimball Junction. Hours: Monday through Sunday, 9a to 5p....we are now grooming daily...we have food available, ski tuning available, rentals and Nordic apparel and ski's for sale.

Grooming schedule: 
Grooming daily
TUNA members get a 20% discount
Track length: 
12 km
Report Name Date
Saturday at the Ranch jhanley13 Dec 8, 2018
Friday Report ~ Groomed This Morning jhanley13 Dec 7, 2018
Monday Ski Report jhanley13 Mar 12, 2018
Sunday Funday at JR jhanley13 Mar 11, 2018
Saturday Ski Report jhanley13 Mar 10, 2018
Friday Ski Report jhanley13 Mar 9, 2018
Thursday Ski Report ~ Great Conditions jhanley13 Mar 8, 2018
Wednesday Ski Report ~ Great Classic and Skate Conditions jhanley13 Mar 7, 2018
Tuesday Ski Report - Great conditions! jhanley13 Mar 6, 2018
Monday Ski Report jhanley13 Mar 5, 2018