Mountain Dell

TUNA operates the Mountain Dell ski track at Mountain Dell Golf Course in Parley's Canyon. Mountain Dell is the only ski venue in Salt Lake City that sets track daily. We average about 90 days of set track each winter. The ski track at Mountain Dell is created and maintained through the volunteer efforts of the TUNA Mountain Dell Grooming Crew. The crew strives to set fresh track, skate and classic, each day that there is sufficient snow coverage. That usually means the track is reset every 24 hours, although during a storm cycle the track is often set twice in one day.

NO DOGS! Mountain Dell is a part of the SLC Watershed. Dogs are not allowed, even inside your car in the parking lot. Save yourself a lot of money a trip to court, leave the dog at home.

TUNA volunteers have been maintaining the Mountain Dell ski track every winter since 1994. The convenient location and economical track usage fees make Mountain Dell an ideal place to ski. The current course configuration has five distinct loops, with trails that range from easy to quite challenging. For a detailed view of ski loops, see links to the current Mountain Dell map below.

With support from Radius Engineering, TUNA installed a weather station at Mountain Dell.  You can now view up-to-the-minute weather at your favorite ski area on the TUNA web site.  Just click the "Mtn Dell" link at the top right of the web site or click here.  Special thanks goes to Tyler Cruikshank and Radius Engineering for making this possible.

Track Fees

The ski track is made possible through your track fees and the work of the volunteer crew. The fees for track use are as follows:

  • One day pass: $10.00
  • Season pass for TUNA members: $70.00. Early bird special for TUNA members, $60 through November 30!
  • Season pass for non-members: $110.00
  • Juniors under 18 ski free and do not need a pass
  • Masters 70+ who are TUNA members ski free - Please email TUNA Store: store [at] utahnordic [dot] com (subject: Junior%20%2F%20Master%20Free%20Ski%20Pass) for info on how to get your free pass
  • Full time University Student pass: $40.00 - Please email TUNA Store: store [at] utahnordic [dot] com (subject: Student%20Mtn%20Dell%20Pass) for info on how to get a Student Price

Please support track maintenance at Mountain Dell by buying a pass. You can purchase a a TUNA membership in the TUNA Online Store. You can pay with a check or credit card.

Track Maps

  • Mountain Dell 2017 map in JPG format. See side pictures!
  • Mountain Dell 2017 map in PDF format. See below to download!

Lost and found, questions and comments

For lost and found questions check the lost and found page, questions about the Mountain Dell track, or to find out about becoming part of the grooming crew, contact Chris Magerl at chris [at] TokoUS [dot] com or daymag [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Grooming schedule: 
Track is generally set daily and sometimes twice a day in snowy conditions
Day use: $10, Season pass: $70 for TUNA members, $110 all others
Track length: 
About 10 km
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