White Pine Touring Center

White Pine Touring operates a 20+ km cross-country ski center in the heart of Park City. Enjoy the spectacular mountain views along one of three groomed loops. With 3k, 5k and 10k+ loops, they are perfect for the beginner, intermediate and advanced classic or skate skier. Heated underground parking, passes, equipment and lessons are all offered on site. Rentals and Lessons are available. Also available, ski archery range.

Location: Park City Golf Course Park Ave. & Thaynes Canyon Dr.

Grooming schedule: 
Fees: $18, $10 after 3 PM
Track length: 
20 km, classic/skate
(888) 649-8710
Report Name Date
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Great snow = tough year on grooming equipment - ungroomed 3-11. Will be gro... White Pine Tour... Mar 11, 2017
Spring skiing - Get the crust early and the track before too soft! White Pine Tour... Mar 10, 2017
Spring Skiing! White Pine Tour... Mar 9, 2017
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Fast, firm skiing this morning! White Pine Tour... Mar 5, 2017
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