White Pine Touring Center

White Pine Touring operates a 18 km cross-country ski center in the heart of Park City. Enjoy the spectacular mountain views along one of three groomed loops. With 3k, 5k and 7k+ loops, they are perfect for the beginner, intermediate and advanced classic or skate skier. Heated underground parking, passes, equipment, clothing, repairs, service and lessons are all offered on site. Rentals and Lessons are available.

Location: Park City Golf Course Park Ave. & Thaynes Canyon Dr.  Adjacent to the Hotel Park City.

Grooming schedule: 
Fees: $22, $14 after 3 PM
Track length: 
18 km, classic/skate
(888) 649-6249
Report Name Date
That's All Folks. Stay Healthy and Safe Richard Hodges Apr 4, 2020
Volunteer grooming done on the 3k Richard Hodges Mar 30, 2020
Still skiing for now 3k and farm Richard Hodges Mar 24, 2020
Grooming for another week if the weather holds Richard Hodges Mar 22, 2020
Another week for grooming the 3k and farm? Richard Hodges Mar 20, 2020
Fresh snow on 3k. Stay tuned for news on the Farm Richard Hodges Mar 18, 2020
Done, but not because of track conditions Richard Hodges Mar 17, 2020
Still Here - Skating is "Outstanding" tracks are good Richard Hodges Mar 17, 2020
Trails groomed and open - very limited shop hours Richard Hodges Mar 16, 2020
About this week... Keeping the track open Richard Hodges Mar 15, 2020