Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer guidelines for Comp & Jr. Comp. Parents

Registration for TUNA Comp and Jr. Comp athletes includes a refundable deposit of $250/ athlete.

Parents or guardians of Comp and Jr. Comp athletes are required to fulfill 15 hours of volunteer work PLUS one  3½ hour greeting shift at Mtn. Dell per athlete, per year to redeem the deposit.

The TUNA volunteer year parallels our financial year and runs from July 1 through June 30th.

After the volunteer service is complete, a refund request may be sent to volunteer_deposit [at] utahnordic [dot] com.  Please indicate your name, athlete’s name, dates or function, # of hours volunteered (totaling 15 hours /athlete), date of Mtn. Dell Greeting shift and the deposit will be refunded if all requirements have been met.

Mountain Dell Greeting shifts:
Greeting shifts during weekends and holidays, particularly during the early portion of the winter are of vital importance to the financial health of TUNA and all of its programs.  We highly encourage parents to sign up for greeting shifts during this time.  The difference between having a greeter and not having one in place on weekend days can literally mean a revenue difference of hundreds of dollars.  By having a person to provide information, make change and sell day and season passes, we are not only providing a service to the skiing public, but greatly helping the club’s bottom line.  Over the last several years, efforts have taken place to make the greeting shift a more palatable experience to club members.  Greeters now enjoy the warmth and shelter of a small heated building which is most helpful during inclement weather conditions.

Once an opening date has been determined for Mountain Dell in the form of enough snow to groom and ski, the Greeting Calendar will be opened up for sign-ups on the TUNA web site.  It is vital that early season weekends and Christmas through New years dates are prioritized by parents.

Greeting shifts run from 9:30 am through 1 pm and 1 pm through 4:30 pm

After the Greeting calendar has been open for sign-up for several weeks, parents will then have the option to sign up for another shift.  A second Mountain Dell greeting shift per athlete will entitle the parent to a volunteer credit of 6 hours (for 3½ hours of Greeting) against the required year long amount of 15 hours.

If Mountain Dell is forced to close due to low snow conditions or other unforeseen issues, the TUNA board will determine how volunteer hours are affected on a case by case basis.


TUNA is for the most part a volunteer-run organization and there are many ways that members can help further our cause:

Volunteer Opportunities for  TUNA club members:

Be a greeter at Mt. Dell.  One of the most beneficial volunteer opportunities for TUNA. http://www.utahnordic.com/greeters

  •  Help with the TUNA Ski Swap  or Recreation League uniform distribution.  Typically the Swap occurs on a Saturday during late October to Early November and the uniform distribution will like occur in early December.  Watch TUNA E-blasts and web site for dates and contact info.

Help with ski equipment maintenance.  Assist in the end of season maintenance of TUNA’s Jr. program rental fleet.  Contact Head Coach Steve Cook at tunacoach [at] utahnordic [dot] com

Contribute to the TUNA newsletter. Published 6 times during the cold weather months and a huge club favorite.  Contact TUNA NEWS Editor, Jennifer Santoro at  jen [dot] santoro [at] utahnordic [dot] org

  • The USANA 2017 FIS Nordic Junior and U23 World Cross Country Ski Championships will be held January 28 through February 5th 2017 at Soldier Hollow and the Utah Olympic Park. This event is the largest international cross country skiing event to be held in Utah since the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. The best junior and U23 athletes will be competing and it is our chance to once again show the world just how good our volunteers are at hosting cross country skiing events. If you are interested in volunteering at the cross country, ski jumping, or nordic combined events please email: http://msmyth [at] uolf [dot] com

Be a TUNA coach in one of our ski programs.  TUNA is always looking for enthusiastic coaches for our adult or junior programs.  Contact Head Coach Steve Cook at tunacoach [at] utahnordic [dot] com

Help with annual TUNA Salmon Bake.  Normally held in Mid May, a great way to socialize with fellow club members after the ski season.  All manners of help needed at this club social.  Contact Donna Stice, TUNA Secretary and Social Activity Coordinator.  dwstice [at] gmail [dot] com

Assist with the annual TUNA Salmon Bake Silent Auction.  A major fundraising boost for TUNA Jr. Programs.  Donation seekers or event day assistance are always welcome.  Contact Head Coach Steve Cook.   tunacoach [at] utahnordic [dot] com

Help with annual TUNA Thanksgiving potluck dinner at West Yellowstone.  Whether you bring you favorite dish, bake a turkey or help with the dishes afterward, it’s a great time every year.  Contact Donna Stice, TUNA Secretary and Social Activity Coordinator. dwstice [at] gmail [dot] com"> dwstice [at] gmail [dot] com

• Assist with organizing and implementing Jr. Programs season ending Parties.  Contact Head Coach Steve Cook at tunacoach [at] utahnordic [dot] com or Dr. Eric Swanson, Jr. Program Coordinator at eswanson [dot] airmed [at] comcast [dot] net

Assist with other social events in conjunction with TUNA Jr. teams throughout the year.  Contact Stephanie Strohl at c-sstrohl [at] comcast [dot] net